Ch´ujuk Enjambre

Mexico is one of the main honey producers worldwide and it is in the State of Yucatán where Ch’ujuk Enjambre has its origin, a company that creates a powdered sweetener made from bee honey.

Ch’ujuk Enjambre arises from covering two needs, the first is to sweeten our food and drinks in a healthy way that brings us benefits in our health and the second is to generate new uses for honey as a sweetener and thus be able to contribute to the health of society and at the same time strengthening the economy of beekeeping producers.

This is how Ch’ujuk Enjambre through technological processes gives added value to honey, resulting in: bee honey powder, a sweetener of natural origin, healthy and with the same properties of liquid honey.

The main goal of Ch’ujuk Enjambre is to unify, nature, health and innovation with society, environmental care and cultural development.